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Why Plant-Based?

To kick things off, we need to address the MOST important question: "Why plant-based?"

And, while we say 'it's the healthiest diet in the world', what does that really mean? What MAKES it the healthiest diet in the world? We will be answering these questions and more below!

Key terms:

Plant-Based- When we use the term plant-based, we really mean whole-food, plant-based. Foods that come from plants in their near-normal form. Not highly process plants like refined sugars or refined oils. No enriched flours or synthetic flavors. Food that comes straight from the ground, and, aside from general cutting and cooking, it can be eaten in that form.

Animal Protein- This refers to any animal product or by-product. Eggs, beef, poultry, pork, milk, cheese, whey, etc.

What makes us believe a plant-based diet is the healthiest? The evidence!

Look at the longest living civilizations in the world. Of the groups that live the longest, healthiest lives; what do they have in common? There are a few factors: spend time outdoors, sense of community, etc. But, one common thread is that they ALL eat predominately (i.e. <10% animal protein) plant-based. Many never eat animal protein at all, and the others only eat it on occasion.

To read more about the longest living civilizations and their lifestyle, click here.

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