Nutrition Labels

We now have nutrition labels available for our menu! Simply click the name of the item and you will see the label. Since we continue to create new menu items, we may not have all labels available far in advance but we will have them posted by time of delivery.

Notice all the vitamins and nutrients! :) 


Quick Education:

For those new to a plant-based diet and unfamiliar with plant-based nutrition, do not be alarmed by carbohydrates. We should be less concerned with macronutrient count and more concerned with the ingredients. Whole, natural foods will contain carbohydrates; they're our body's favorite form of fuel. We efficiently convert them into energy. 

Also, take note of the fiber count. Fiber is more than just for digestive health; it's key in controlling blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and maintaining a healthy weight. Aim for 25g/day.