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About this ebook: 

Ready to stop searching the web endlessly as to how to properly eat a plant-based diet? 

This ebook combines the research and recommendations of numerous doctors on how to get what you need, nutritionally, when eating a plant-based diet. It’s broken down simply and get’s straight to the point.  

We clear up some confusion in regards to common concerns many expect to face when switching their diet and we provide a new way of looking at the food you eat. 

An important topic that is covered is how to face change and how to make change stick when stepping into something new. We provide a simple technique that can be applied to help you want to stick with your decision. 

This ebook is created with the intention of helping you live the lifestyle on your own, not rely on someone else telling you specific meals to eat each day. Examples of meals are given, but the true value lies in the framework that is given allowing you to easily choose the best thing to eat on a daily basis. 


Additional Topics Covered:
  • Daily Protein Needs

  • Plant-Based “Food Groups”

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Viewing Food Differently

  • Making Change Stick

  • Going Out To Eat

  • & More


This book is intended to provide helpful general information on the subjects that it addresses. It is not in any way a substitute for the advice of the reader’s own physician(s) or other medical professionals based on the reader’s own individual conditions, symptoms, or concerns. If the reader needs personal medical, health, dietary, or other assistance, the reader should consult a competent physician and/or other qualified health care professional.