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Eat like your life is worth living...

because it is.

Long-term Health!

To help more people experience the benefits of proper plant-based nutrition. 


Our Meals Are

100% Plant-Based

No animal or animal byproducts.


All meals contain organic produce.


All meals include delivery to your home or office. Your meals will leave our headquarters at noon on Mondays and Thursdays. The time your meals will arrive depends on your distance from our location.

Always Fresh

All meals are prepared the morning of delivery.


  • We cook & deliver Monday and Thursday each week. (Prepared the morning of, so always fresh!)

  • Meals will leave headquarters at noon. Time of arrival will depend on where you are located on the coast. 

  • We provide three different prepared meals on Monday and four on Thursday. We are in the process of building a set menu, therefore meals will remain the same for the time being. We will update the menu as we progress. You can view upcoming meals here.

  • We have a limited number of meals available each week, so be sure to order soon so you don't miss out!



We currently deliver from Waveland to Ocean Springs. If you have a question about delivery, just ask!

Dylan Jones M.S. RDN, CDE, ACSM-CES

These recipes are exactly what someone new to plant-based nutrition needs to try. Anyone struggling with their weight or with health problems following this meal plan is going to be astounded at how delicious healthy eating can be and they're going to love how much better they feel on a daily basis.

Dietician Reviews

Summer Yule, MS, RDN

People who consume plant-based diets are at reduced risk of developing certain health conditions including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and certain types of cancer… I reviewed the menu at Next Day Nutrition and found the meals to be nutrient-dense and to contain a nice balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats… Each and every meal at Next Day Nutrition contains rich sources of fiber that are excellent for digestive health… I wish that I could sample every item on the menu! I am proud to put my name behind the nutritional value of the meals provided.

Melissa Ebdon MPH, RD-N

Whether just starting a vegan diet or a seasoned veteran, everyone is sure to find a meal that fits their needs with Next Day Nutrition. Tyler and his team offer a mouth-watering menu that is packed with nutrition and allow you to easily follow your diet during the busyness of life.  Dietary challenges of a plant-based diet include getting enough protein, calcium, B vitamins and zinc.  Each meal has been carefully crafted then reviewed by Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists to ensure that it meets the needs of a well-balanced diet. Open your mind and pallet to some truly unique dishes.

About Us


At Next Day Nutrition, we believe in focusing on long-term good health. Through both research and firsthand experience, we know the powerful benefits of a plant-based diet. It is our goal to share these benefits with you and help you realize it may be much easier to adopt than you think.


Along with personal health, we also believe in the importance of environmental health. Because of this, all of our meals are delivered in plant-based containers, reducing our plastic waste.

We want to continue to spread good health throughout the community, so whether you choose our food or not, we hope that

you always choose health.


eat like your life is worth living...

because it is.

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